Sunday, January 22

What Happened over Christmas? Part 7

*Note: Because we left France to see my family we asked my husbands aunt to watch Caline and Frère for us. Here is what happened while they were with her.

Christmas Day

Frère, “What is this?”

 Caline, “This wasn’t here yesterday!”

Caline, “I’m going to find out where this came from!”
Frère, “Wait sister, there’s a present and
it has our names on it!”

A few minites latter…

 Caline, “Well, how do I look?”

Frère, “You look good in pink!”
Caline, “You look good in yours too!”  

*Note: The sweaters were made by my husbands aunt.

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Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness! They are so cute in their little sweaters! Do they like to wear them very often? Our cats don't like things on them. I am so glad that Caline and Frere wore their sweaters; they are adorable.