Saturday, January 21

What Happened over Christmas? Part 6

*Note: Because we left France to see my family we asked my husbands aunt to watch Caline and Frère for us. Here is what happened while they were with her.

Christmas Eve

 Caline, “There’s a strange lump in this rug
and it has a tail.”

 Caline, “I wonder what it is?”

 Caline, “Get out of there Frère!”

 Frère, “I’m not under the rug!”
Caline, “I can see your paw!”

Caline, “Now get out!!!”
Frère, “No! I like it under here!”

*Note: Caline and Frère use to play this game in our old apartment but when we moved we moved the rug to the bath room and they lost interest in it. To see posts about the rug game click here.

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