Tuesday, May 31


Frère, “Salut! You may be wondering why
we are in a bookshelf.”

Frère, “Do not worry we are not couckou.”
Caline, “The desk of Frenchman’s wife is here.”

Caline, “We like to watch her work.”

Monday, May 30

Château en Carton

Frère, “The Frenchman and his wife allowed us to
build a castle.  And now that it is finished
we will do battle!”

Frère, “It is with this one pawl I push my sister away!”

Caline, “You fight well my brother
but you can not withstand my hind kick!”

Frère, “I have you now with the belly tickle!”
Caline, “No… Please!!! Ha ha ha…Not that!!!!”

Sunday, May 29

Happy Mothers Day!

Frère, "Today in France it's Mothers Day!"

Caline, "We wish you Joyeuse Fête Maman!"

Saturday, May 28

Our Secret place

Frère, “Do you think we will be found?”

Caline, "They haven’t found us yet."

Caline, "I’m sure it is safe to keep on sleeping.
They'll never guess we are under the table!"

Friday, May 27

Our Collars

Caline, "Since we are still young our collars are a bit big.
Thus we shall wear them “à la mode”!
Am I not so cute!"

Frère, “Je suis cool!”
The Frenchman’s wife, “It’s only because of
the way you two play that your collars
become so messed up.”

Thursday, May 26

The Destiny of Souris Rouge

Souris Rouge, “As promised I will teach you all how
to give the chatons fear. First you must…”

Brown Mouse, “Oh No! It is the kitten!
Save us leader!”

Souris Rouge, “Fear not! I will…”

White Mouse, “Oh no Leader! You were our last hope!
I feared that this would happen!”
Souris Rouge, “It’s only my tail… I’ll survive!”

*Note: To see Caline and Frère’s first impression of Souris Rouge click here.

Wednesday, May 25

The Rug

The Frenchman, “Frère, did you mess up the rug?”

Frère, "Who me!?"

Tuesday, May 24

Relaxing on the Balcony

Caline, "When we saw the chair with the pillows in it
we thought, what a great place to lay!"

Caline, "Please bring us something fresh to snack on!"

Monday, May 23

A Strange way of Sleeping

The Frenchman, "Is this really comfortable?"

The Frenchman's wife, "They seem to be enjoying it."

Caline, "Shhh... you'll wake us!"

Sunday, May 22

Roland Garros

Frère, "I love tennis!"

Caline, "I hate it."

Frère, "I love everything about it!
It's just so much fun to watch!"

Caline, "I don't get it...?"

Saturday, May 21

Ou est Frère?

Caline, "Frère, where are you? I can't find you!"

Frère, "I'm coming!"

Frère, "What do you need sister?"
Caline, "Humm... I forgot."

Frère, "That's ok.
I'll be hanging here if you remember."

Friday, May 20

Frère’s bowl(s)

Caline, "From the day we moved in with
the Frenchman and his wife till now,
Frère’s bowl has been the blue one."

Caline, "Mine is the green one."

Caline, "But notice how Frère thinks both bowls are his!
He is always eating my food!"
Frère, “I can’t help it! Je suis un man !”

Thursday, May 19

Places to take a Sieste

Frère, "So far we have found the following good places to sleep.
The swing in the cat tower."

Caline, "The first level of the cat tower."

Frère, "The Frenchman's wife's office chair."

Caline, "And the best place of all!
The Frenchman's foot!"

Wednesday, May 18


Caline, "When we first met Poisson, he had feathers for a tail.
But then Frère removed them."

Caline, "Thus the Frenchman's wife had to make him a new one.
I like the new one better!"

Souris Rouge

White Mouse, "She tried to eat me!"

Brown Mouse, "He did such things to my tail!"

Souris Rouge, "Haha, they have too much fear of me
for I am so big!"
White Mouse, "It is true that you are big but they are
only the chatons and can only become bigger!
I have much fear for the future!"

Tuesday, May 17

Today is Pâques?

Frère, “Happy Easter everyone!"

Caline, “Pâques has all ready passed.
You no longer need this."

Frère, “MY SIGN!"


Caline, "Je m'appelle Caline."

Caline, "And this is my brother, Frère."
Frère, "Salut!"