Friday, December 16

Le Chat dans le Panier

 Frère, “Oh, how I love my basket!”

 Frère, “It’s the best place to nap!”

Frère, “And now that it’s by the heater it’s
even that much better to sleep in!”

*Note: To see more pictures of Frère and his basket click here.

Thursday, December 15

Cat Writer?

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Frère, do you know that you
are laying on my writings.”

 Frère, “Yes I know that!”

 Frère, “The view from here is wonderful!”

 Frère, “And the heat is perfect! Did you know
that your papers make a wonderful pillow?”
The Frenchman’s wife, “No I didn’t but you will have
to move so I can get back to work!”

*Note: Caline and Frère love to take napes on my desk because it is just above the heater. Here is a picture of Caline as she woke up:

Caline, “Salut!”
(Translation: Hi!)

Wednesday, December 14

Petite Beauté

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Well look at you.”

 The Frenchman’s wife, “All sweet and curled up!”

The Frenchman’s wife, “I wonder what your
dreaming of?”

*Note: Caline and Frère have enjoyed this window seat since we moved here, to see click here.

Tuesday, December 13

Le Serpent!

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Ahhh... A snake!!!”

 Caline, “Don’t worry I’ll take care of it!”

 Caline, “Take this!”

 Caline, “GURRR!”

Caline, “Ok, It’s safe I killed it for you!”

*Note: Caline’s first impresion of this snake was one of unintrest but since moving it has become her favorit toy. If we walk by it she meows and begs for us to play with her. She even runs so fast after it that she has made herself dizzy. To see Caline and the snake before click here.

Monday, December 12

A Pillow to Nap on

 The Frenchman’s wife, “How shocking!”

 Frère, “What?”
The Frenchman’s wife, “You’re napping on the
pillows rather than on the back of the
couch like you’ve been doing!”

 Frère, “I have the right to change spots if I like!”

Frère, “Now if you will be quite I have
something important to get to!”

*Note: Frère’s something “important to get to”, is napping. To see pictures of him sleeping on the back of the couch click here.

Sunday, December 11

Time to Clean

 Caline, “What are all of my toys doing in this box!!!”
The Frenchman, “I’m going to vacuum
so I had to pick them all up.”

 Caline, “So until you’re done using that horribly
loud and scary thing I can’t take
them out of the box!”
The Frenchman, “That’s right!”

 Caline, “Well I guess I’ll just have to play in here.”

 Caline, “Come here you little mouse!”

 Caline, “Well, I caught you…”

Caline, “It’s no fun playing in here!!!”
The Frenchman, “I’m sorry.”

*Note: Since they were little Caline and Frère have been afraid of the vacuum cleaner, they are so scared that we normally have to shut them up in one room while cleaning the others.

Saturday, December 10

All Winter Long

 Frère, “Ah, so nice to warm up the tows!”
The Frenchman, “Frère, are you
going to sit there all winter?”

 Frère, “Yes, why?”
The Frenchman, “Because you
look funny there!”

Frère, “No I do not!”

*Note: Frère sleeps in this spot every day. To see most pictures of him on the back of the couch click here.

Friday, December 9

Cheese Tart

 Frère, “There is a very wonderful smell
coming from this spot!”

 The Frenchman’s wife, “It’s a cheese tart I am
cooking for lunch! Here I’ll show you.”

Frère, “Humm, if it wasn’t so hot in that box
I would be eating some of that tastiness
right now!”

*Note: In France the cheeses are very strong and when you cook them there sent goes everywhere.
Frère is always very interested in anything that we are doing in the kitchen and is always watching me cook to see more click here.

Thursday, December 8

Under the Box

 Caline, “I see you!”
Frère, “I see you too!”

 Caline, “Attack!!!”

 Caline, “Where did you go?!”
Frère, “Board.”

 Caline, “Come on, play with me!”
Frère, “No.”

A few moments later…

 Frère, “Where did you go?”

 Frère, “Sister?”

 Frère, “Are you there?”

Caline, “Haha, here I am!”
Frère, “You’re crazy!”

*Note: Frère is not always in the mood to play rough, to see more evidence of his inactiveness click here.

Wednesday, December 7

Never Hot Enough

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Hello Frère, I see
you’re in your favorite napping spot.”
Frère, “Oui!”

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Does it ever get
too hot sitting so close to the heater?”

 Frère, “Are you crazy?”

Frère, “You can never be too
close to the heater!”

*Note: To see other pictures of Frère in his favorite spot click here.

Tuesday, December 6

All Curled Up

The Frenchman’s wife, “Oh my, you two are so cute!”

Monday, December 5

Sea Shells

*Note: My husband and I went to the sea for a day since it is near to where we now live. We brought back shells for Caline and Frère to see, this is what they thought:

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Look at this!”
Caline, “Can you play with it?”
Frère, “Sniff, can you eat it?”ere

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Here’s another.”

 Caline, “What do you think of them brother?”

 Frère, “There not interesting at all, you can’t eat them!”

*Note: Frère left after this to go and look for food.

 The Frenchman’s wife, “What do you
think of this one Caline?”
Caline, “Smells good!”

  The Frenchman’s wife, “And what about these?”
Caline, “What is this?!”

 The Frenchman’s wife, “That is a sea
sponge that we found.”
Caline, “It smells funny!”

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Well do you like them?”

Caline, “I think I like this one!”

*Note: After I finished taking pictures I found Frère eating a pie I had sitting out for lunch.
We have no idea what the large white shell to the right of the picture is it almost seamed like a tooth. If you know what it is please let us know.