Sunday, December 11

Time to Clean

 Caline, “What are all of my toys doing in this box!!!”
The Frenchman, “I’m going to vacuum
so I had to pick them all up.”

 Caline, “So until you’re done using that horribly
loud and scary thing I can’t take
them out of the box!”
The Frenchman, “That’s right!”

 Caline, “Well I guess I’ll just have to play in here.”

 Caline, “Come here you little mouse!”

 Caline, “Well, I caught you…”

Caline, “It’s no fun playing in here!!!”
The Frenchman, “I’m sorry.”

*Note: Since they were little Caline and Frère have been afraid of the vacuum cleaner, they are so scared that we normally have to shut them up in one room while cleaning the others.