Monday, October 1

Ridding in a What?

 Caline, “This looks like a
strange car!”

Frère, “That’s because it’s a
plane! Just enjoy the ride!”

*Note: Frère enjoyed the plane ride! But Caline did not like it at all! By the time we reached the border she had peed and pood in her cage. And then as we stood in line to cross the border the drug dog came to inspect them… needless to say that did not go well with them!

Monday, September 24

All Packed Up!

 Caline, “It’s so empty!”

Frère, “Why do we have to leave? I’ll
miss the castle and the pigeons!”

Caline, “Where are we moving to now?”

The Frenchman, “You’ll see.”

Caline, “Is it far?”

The Frenchman’s wife, “It will be a
very different place!”

*Note: Frère is in the pink carrier because that is the one he picked…Caline picked neither as she hates to be in a carrier!

Monday, September 17

Don’t Forget Me

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Frère!!!”

 Frère, “Well, I heard you say
that you were packing.”

 Frère, “You said that the things on this table you were
taking with you, so I wanted to make sure you
were going to take me with you too!”

The Frenchman’s wife, “Of course we will take
you with us!  We would never
leave you!!!”

*Note: Due to a change in our family my husband and I are moving. To find out where keep following Caline and Frère. To see the last time we moved click here.

Monday, September 3

Who’s Spot is it… Frère’s!!!

Frère, “You better not even think about it!”
Caline, “Meany!!!”

*Note: Caline and Frère have been fighting over this sunny spot for quite some time to see click here.

Monday, August 27

A New Pillow

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Oh Caline!”

 The Frenchman’s wife, “You look so sweet there!”

 Caline, “Did you say something?”

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Just that you are so cute!”

Caline, “Thank you, I know I am!!!”

Monday, August 20

Trapped in a Jar: Part 2

Caline, “Let me see!”

Caline, “A spider yumm!”
Frère, “It is not worth your time,
he is traped and can
not be eaten.”

Caline, “Are you sure?”
Frère, “Yes.”
The spider, “I will bite you both!”

 Caline, “I will not eat you,
I just want to play with you!”

 The Spider, “I will bite you!”
Caline, “I will bite you first!!!”

Caline, “I know how I can get at you!”

 Caline, “I will just…”

 Caline, “… push you off…”

Caline, “…the top of the steps!!!”
Frère, “Humm… I’m I in the way?”

 The Spider, “Good then I can get out of this jar and bit you!”

Caline, “You will become my lunch! Just as
soon as I trick the man into opening the jar!!!”

Monday, August 13

Trapped in a Jar: Part 1

 Frère, “What is that?!”

 Frère, “Can you hurt me?”
The Spider from in side the jar, “Just
let me out and we will see!”

 Frère, “Oh, just a spider.”

 Frère, “Can you come out of there?”

 Frère, “I would love to eat you!”

The spider, “I would love to bight you!”
Frère, “Humm... my food does
not normaly talk back...”

*Note: The castle has many big spiders that crawl in through the windows when we open them to cool off the appartment. Caline and Frère love to chetch them and eat them thankfuly! I hate spiders!!! To see more of Caline and Frère chetching bugs and eating them click here.

Monday, August 6

How clean is a cat?

Caline, “…Lick…”

Caline, “…Lick…”

Caline, “…Lick…”

Caline, “…Lick…”

Caline, “…Lick…”

Caline, “…Lick…”

Caline, “…Lick…”

The Frenchman’s wife, “Are you 
done yet?”

Caline, “No! …Lick…”

The Frenchman’s wife, “What 
about now?”

Caline, “NO!!!”

Caline, “…Lick…”

Caline, “…Lick…”

*Note: It seems Caline can never get herself clean enough!  To see more pictures of Caline and Frère cleaning themselves click here.

Tuesday, July 31

A Spot Where the Sun is!

Caline, “Oh so warm, so nice!”

Caline, “Oh no!”

Frère, “Move!”

Caline, “Never!!!”
Frère, “Gurr!!!!”

Caline, ”Ok I surrender!”

 Frère, “That’s more like it.”

 Frère, “Now to enjoy!”

Frère, “Oh it’s so warm and nice!”

*Note: Frère has decised that this oh so nice place in the sun belongs to him. Since it showed up they have been arguing over it. To see click here.