Tuesday, July 31

A Spot Where the Sun is!

Caline, “Oh so warm, so nice!”

Caline, “Oh no!”

Frère, “Move!”

Caline, “Never!!!”
Frère, “Gurr!!!!”

Caline, ”Ok I surrender!”

 Frère, “That’s more like it.”

 Frère, “Now to enjoy!”

Frère, “Oh it’s so warm and nice!”

*Note: Frère has decised that this oh so nice place in the sun belongs to him. Since it showed up they have been arguing over it. To see click here.

Tuesday, July 24

The Slippers Belong to the Cat!!!

 The Frenchman, “Caline, do you
know what you are doing?”

 Caline, “No, what?”
The Frenchman, “You’re wearing
my slippers again!”

Caline, “They are mine!!!”

*Note: Caline for some reason loves my husband’s shoes but most of all his slippers! To see more click here.

Tuesday, July 17

Sandwich au Fromage

Frère, “I’m not even going to look or ask! I already
know that your not cooking tasty meat,
so there’s no need in telling me!”

*Note: Frère is often in the kitchen when we cook. Today when my husband was making cheese sandwiches he was unlucky enough not to notice the tastiness. Poor Frère has a bad nose for smells. To see more click here.

Tuesday, July 10

Hot Clothes

The Frenchman’s wife, “Frère!!!”
Frère , “What?!”  

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Do you know
what your laying on? That’s
my clean dress!”

 Frère, “Oh...”

Frère, “It’s just so warm!”

*Note: To make things a little easier on me we bought a dryer which makes the clothes so nice and hot. To see more posts of Caline and Frère with our clothes click here.