Saturday, August 20

Le Bain #8

The Frenchman, “Why is it that you two do that
after every bath? We already cleaned you.”

Frère, “No you didn’t, you just made us all wet!”

The Frenchman, “But I used cat shampoo, surely that
does a better job of cleaning than your tongues?”

Frère, “Did our ears hear you correctly!?”
Caline, “You're crazy if you think that anything can
clean better than our tongues!”

The Frenchman, “Ok, but surely you can reach
everywhere with your tongues.”

Celine, “Oh really! Well, just you watch!”

Caline, “Et voila!”
(Translation: And there it is!)
The Frenchman, “It would seam I am wrong for now.”

*Note: Though Caline and Frère don’t like to have baths they get them twice a month or more if they’re dirty. To see more pictures of Caline and Frère after they’re baths click here.