Tuesday, May 29

Ribbon's for Caline

*Note: I had a bag full of ribbons that I decided that I would go through and put away nicely. I emptied the bag and the more I worked to untangle and put away the more interested Caline became in them. Next thing I knew she was holding on to them and would not let go to I stopped to watch what she was doing.

Caline, “I want these!”

Caline, “There’re so much fun,
I must have them all!”

Caline, “Dig… dig… dig…”

Caline, “Dig… dig… dig…”

Caline, “Dig… dig… dig…”

Caline, “Dig… dig… dig…”

Caline, “Is that all?”

Caline, “Yes, I have them all!”

Caline, “This is nice!”
The Frenchman’s wife, “Caline, you
took all of my ribbons and
put them in the box.”

Caline, “Who said these
were your ribbons?”

Tuesday, May 22

A Watchful Eye

  The Frenchman, “Caline, what
are you doing?”

 The Frenchman, “You know I just
came home don’t you?”

Caline, “Oh…”

Caline, “You came home
earlier today!”

Caline, “Are you sure you
locked the door?”
The Frenchman, “Yes.” 

Caline, “Really?”

*Note: The front door to our apartment is on the ground floor these steps lead up to the living space. Caline and Frère often wait for my husband to come home and expect him at his normal time.

Tuesday, May 15

The Frère Cave

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Frère, why
are you hiding in there?”

 Frère, “It’s my private cave!”

Frère, “And it’s a great place
to jump out at Caline from!”

*Note: When we are not using the carrier we store it here in the cubby under the desk and Frère often takes naps in it.

Tuesday, May 8

Caline’s Slippers

 The Frenchman, “Caline, you know
those are mine don’t you?”

Caline, “But they fit me so well!”

*Note: Since Caline was a kitten she has loved my husbands slippers and shoes. She likes to put her paws as deep in them as she can get them. To see more click here.

Tuesday, May 1

My Little Chick

The Frenchman’s wife, “Frère, why
do you hide under my skirt?”
Frère, “Because it’s safe!”

*Note: Frère will often hide under my skirt if I stand still long enough. He likes to wait under my skirt for Caline to come by and then jump out at her. To see the first time he did this click here.