Wednesday, August 31

Tasty Grass

Frère, “Hello my sweet grass!
You look so green today!”

Frère, “Humm! So tasty!”

Frère, “So yummy!”

Frère, “Bonjour, my sweet blade!”
The Frenchman, “Haha… You look so funny when
you're eating grass!”

Frère, “Well, you look funny when you eat
your nasty vegetables!”

*Note: Frère loves to eat his cat grass but Caline has never understood the need for it! To see more posts of Caline and Frère with their cat grass click here.

Tuesday, August 30


The Frenchman’s wife, “AHHH… A SNAKE!”

Caline, “It’s ok, it smells like it is dead to me!”

*Note: The snake is made of rubber and not a very interesting toy according to Caline and Frère.

Monday, August 29

I Spy…

Frère, “Oh my, what is that… it looks like…”

Frère, “No, it’s just my imagination!”

Frère, “Oh look, there it is again!”

Frère, “No, that wasn’t it.”

Frère, “Oh, look now, it’s over there!”

Frère, “Now up here.”

Frère, “Oh my, now it’s there!”

*Note: I looked to see what Frère saw but I couldn’t see it. I think you would have to be a cat to see it.

Sunday, August 28

Fly Hunt at Midnight

The Frenchman, “Caline and Frère love to chase flies and sometimes, if the fly doesn't get away, they have a tasty snack!"

*Note: To see another video of Caline and Frère click here or visit our Youtube channel.

Saturday, August 27

Trop Chaud!!!

The Frenchman, “Have you seen the kittens?
I can’t find them.”
The Frenchman’s wife, “I haven’t seen them since
this morning.”

The Frenchman, “There you are! We were getting
worried. What are you two doing hiding under the bed?”

Frère, “It’s too hot!”
Caline, “We looked every where and this
was the coolest place we found.”

Frère, “So we will not be moving from here
unless called for food.”

Caline, “It's just to hot to do anything else!”
Frère, “Shh… I’m trying to dream of cool places!”

*Note: Caline and Frère truthfuly did not move till called for food. They slept the day away like this. It was above 32°C or 90°F and, as like most people in France, we have no AC. The cats were melting!

Friday, August 26

Sun Spot Attack

The Frenchman’s wife, “We noticed Frère
playing with the light on the door when
we were hanging things on the wall in the room.
It was so funny we decided to share!"

*Note: To see another video of Caline and Frère click here or visit our Youtube channel.

Thursday, August 25

Finished Product

The Frenchman’s wife, “Well we just finished putting
our room back in order and you two have
already made yourselves at home!”

Frère, “Well, of course, this is where we sleep.”

The Frenchman’s wife, “No, this is where you sleep!”

Frère, “I prefer my bed!”

*Note: To see Caline and Frère in the same chair before we painted the room click here!
Caline and Frère like to lay on our bed to see click here.

Wednesday, August 24

Watching Paint Dry

Frère, “You seem to be doing a better job than

Frère, “It’s not so messy today!”

Frère, “I think I might like what you’re doing
to my bedroom.”

Frère, “But the color seems to be a bit bright!”

The Frenchman, “Well, this is our room for one! But
we’re putting a second color over top
after this one.”
Frère, “Oh, well that might look better.”

*Note: The entire time we worked Caline stayed in this one place.

The Frenchman’s wife, “Don’t you want to come out
from under the bed and watch us paint
like your brother?”
Caline, “I’m happy where I am!”

*Note: Tomorrow we will have the room back to normal!

Tuesday, August 23

The Mess

Frère, “Why are you making the wall wet?”

Frère, “And why are you scraping off all of these
little pieces of paper? I could do better with my
claws if you would let me!”

Frère, “And then you're just putting them on
the floor in this big pile, why?”

The Frenchman, “I’m cleaning the walls so we
can paint them.”

Frère, “But your making the floor
very dirty and wet!”

*Note: We are working to remove the wall paper but to Caline and Frère we have simply lost our minds yet again. To see the room coming together see tomorrows post.

Monday, August 22

Big Paper

Caline, “There’s a lot of paper on the floor!"

Caline, “Oh, I know just what to do with it!”

Caline, “Tunnel!!!”

Frère, “Me too!!! Do you see me?”
The Frenchman’s wife, “Yes.”

Frère, “How about now?”
The Frenchman’s wife, “I see you even more now.
But that’s ok I’ll pretend I don’t see you!”

*Note: To Find out why there are large sheets of paper on the floor see tomorrow's post.

Sunday, August 21

Operation Sneak Out

Caline, “And now no one will find me
and I will finally be able to go on
another adventure!”

*Note: Caline is in the top cuby.

Frère, “What are you doing up there?”

Caline, “I want to go out and see the
world and take the train again! So I’m
going to stow away in her bag!”

Frère, “It will never work.”
Caline, “Just you wait and see!”

*Note: Caline is always trying to escape. Any time the door is opened she, if not held, tres to leave. At times she stands by the front door and meows to be let out. Though she is never let out. This all started after we brought her back from a trip. To see that post click here.

Saturday, August 20

Le Bain #8

The Frenchman, “Why is it that you two do that
after every bath? We already cleaned you.”

Frère, “No you didn’t, you just made us all wet!”

The Frenchman, “But I used cat shampoo, surely that
does a better job of cleaning than your tongues?”

Frère, “Did our ears hear you correctly!?”
Caline, “You're crazy if you think that anything can
clean better than our tongues!”

The Frenchman, “Ok, but surely you can reach
everywhere with your tongues.”

Celine, “Oh really! Well, just you watch!”

Caline, “Et voila!”
(Translation: And there it is!)
The Frenchman, “It would seam I am wrong for now.”

*Note: Though Caline and Frère don’t like to have baths they get them twice a month or more if they’re dirty. To see more pictures of Caline and Frère after they’re baths click here.