Tuesday, June 26

Summer Sun

  The Frenchman’s wife, “Well look at you!”

 The Frenchman’s wife, “You look so very relaxed.”
Caline, “I am!”

Caline, “I love this summer sun!”

*Note: It was very sunny today so I moved the tower to a place that was in the sun since Frère kept chasing Caline away from the sun spot that is on the floor (to see pictures about that click here). Caline really loved laying on top of the tower and not being bothered by Frère!

Tuesday, June 19

Un Livre pour Chat?

 Frère, “I can never get those pigeons!”

 The Frenchman, “Sure you can,
if you studied a book on it.”

 Frère, “Sniff...sniff…sniff…”

Frère, “These do not smell
like an old wise cat!”

*Note: To see more about Caline and Frère trying to catch pigeons click here.

Tuesday, June 12

Le Chef Français

 The Frenchman, “Hello Frère.”

 Frère, “I see you are the one cooking today.”
The Frenchman, “Oui.”

 Frère, “I assume that you are not cooking the nasty
vegetarian dishes like your wife and that you
being a man have enough since to
cook good tasty meat!”
The Frenchman, “Well today I am just making a salad.”

 Frère, “A salad?”

Frère, “What kind of man are you?”

*Note: Today I did not feel well and so my husband made us lunch. Every time we are in the kitchen cooking Frère comes to inspect. He loves it when we cook meat but we do not cook it very often and so when we show him our vegetables he becomes very uninterested. To see more click here.

Tuesday, June 5

What Shopping Bags are Good for

Note: When we came home we emptied out the shopping bag and set it on the floor to use as a garbage bag for the paper that the items were wrapped in. Mean while Frère came by and used it for something far more interesting.

The Frenchman, “What are you
doing in there Frère?”

Frère, “I’m hiding, don’t tell ok!”
The Frenchman, “Sure.”

Frère, “Now where is she?”

Caline, “… Sniff… Sniff…”

Frère, “Do you think she noticed me?”

Caline, “Yes I noticed you, silly brother!”