Monday, January 23

What Happened over Christmas? Part 8

*Note: Because we left France to see my family we asked my husbands aunt to watch Caline and Frère for us. Here is what happened while they were with her.

New Years!

The Frenchman’s aunt, “Caline, Frère, réveillez-vous !
C'est Nouvel An !”
(Translation: Caline, Frère, wake up!
It’s New Years!)

Caline, “New what?”
Frère, “Humm?”
The Frenchman’s aunt, “C'est la célébration
de la nouvelle année!”
(Translation: It’s the celabration
of the new Year!)

Frère, “If that means food, I’m up!”
The Frenchman’s aunt, “Non. C'est juste Nouvel An.”
(Translation: No, it’s just New Year.)

Frère, “Oh, well, what’s the fun in that?”
Caline, “Thanks for waking us up for nothing...”

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