Saturday, August 27

Trop Chaud!!!

The Frenchman, “Have you seen the kittens?
I can’t find them.”
The Frenchman’s wife, “I haven’t seen them since
this morning.”

The Frenchman, “There you are! We were getting
worried. What are you two doing hiding under the bed?”

Frère, “It’s too hot!”
Caline, “We looked every where and this
was the coolest place we found.”

Frère, “So we will not be moving from here
unless called for food.”

Caline, “It's just to hot to do anything else!”
Frère, “Shh… I’m trying to dream of cool places!”

*Note: Caline and Frère truthfuly did not move till called for food. They slept the day away like this. It was above 32°C or 90°F and, as like most people in France, we have no AC. The cats were melting!

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Katie said...

Yikes! No a/c... I would at least want a window unit!