Wednesday, August 24

Watching Paint Dry

Frère, “You seem to be doing a better job than

Frère, “It’s not so messy today!”

Frère, “I think I might like what you’re doing
to my bedroom.”

Frère, “But the color seems to be a bit bright!”

The Frenchman, “Well, this is our room for one! But
we’re putting a second color over top
after this one.”
Frère, “Oh, well that might look better.”

*Note: The entire time we worked Caline stayed in this one place.

The Frenchman’s wife, “Don’t you want to come out
from under the bed and watch us paint
like your brother?”
Caline, “I’m happy where I am!”

*Note: Tomorrow we will have the room back to normal!

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