Sunday, August 21

Operation Sneak Out

Caline, “And now no one will find me
and I will finally be able to go on
another adventure!”

*Note: Caline is in the top cuby.

Frère, “What are you doing up there?”

Caline, “I want to go out and see the
world and take the train again! So I’m
going to stow away in her bag!”

Frère, “It will never work.”
Caline, “Just you wait and see!”

*Note: Caline is always trying to escape. Any time the door is opened she, if not held, tres to leave. At times she stands by the front door and meows to be let out. Though she is never let out. This all started after we brought her back from a trip. To see that post click here.



Cats are so quick and clever, have to keep an eye on them or up to lots of mischief - and trying to sneak out.


The Frenchman's wife said...

It's very true! But out of the two Caline is the one to watch, she's always getting into mischief!