Monday, August 20

Trapped in a Jar: Part 2

Caline, “Let me see!”

Caline, “A spider yumm!”
Frère, “It is not worth your time,
he is traped and can
not be eaten.”

Caline, “Are you sure?”
Frère, “Yes.”
The spider, “I will bite you both!”

 Caline, “I will not eat you,
I just want to play with you!”

 The Spider, “I will bite you!”
Caline, “I will bite you first!!!”

Caline, “I know how I can get at you!”

 Caline, “I will just…”

 Caline, “… push you off…”

Caline, “…the top of the steps!!!”
Frère, “Humm… I’m I in the way?”

 The Spider, “Good then I can get out of this jar and bit you!”

Caline, “You will become my lunch! Just as
soon as I trick the man into opening the jar!!!”

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