Monday, August 13

Trapped in a Jar: Part 1

 Frère, “What is that?!”

 Frère, “Can you hurt me?”
The Spider from in side the jar, “Just
let me out and we will see!”

 Frère, “Oh, just a spider.”

 Frère, “Can you come out of there?”

 Frère, “I would love to eat you!”

The spider, “I would love to bight you!”
Frère, “Humm... my food does
not normaly talk back...”

*Note: The castle has many big spiders that crawl in through the windows when we open them to cool off the appartment. Caline and Frère love to chetch them and eat them thankfuly! I hate spiders!!! To see more of Caline and Frère chetching bugs and eating them click here.

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