Sunday, March 25

Outside Again Part 2

*Note: After we walked around the castle to the woods behind it Caline found something, here’s what she found:

Caline, “What’s this!?”
The Frenchman, “I think that it was a
pedestal for a statue
once long ago.”

Caline, “Do I make a good statue?”
The Frenchman’s wife, “You sure do.
And the castle is beautiful
behind you.”

The Frenchman, “Come on and we’ll
go deeper in the woods.”

Caline, “Ok, I’m coming!”

Caline, “Oh wait, what’s that!?”

Caline, “Hey come fly this way!”

Caline, “Don’t go over there!”

*Note: Caline became distracted because of a fly that whizzed by. She and Frère both love to watch flies and birds as they soar by!
Here is a picture of the castle from the woods behind it:

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