Friday, January 27

Why are we in the bathroom?

 The Frenchman, “Do you realize that it has been over
a month since you two have had a bath?”
Caline, “I’m clean I promise, you can
turn off the water!!!”

Frère, “Why do bother washing us?”
The Frenchman, “Because it gets rid of your shedding
fur which can give you hair balls.”

Frère, “I would rather have a hair ball than this!”
The Frenchman, “Oh Frère, a bath really
isn’t that bad, now is it?”

Frère, “I’m leaving!”

*Note: To see pictures of Caline and Frère’s last bath click here. This is bath number 11.


Theresa Jobateh said...

Wow. You bathe them once a month? I am NOT going to tell the last time my furry darlings had bath.

Beautiful photographs.


Tiffany said...

Caline and Frere are so cute! Thanks for sharing them with us!

The Frenchman's wife said...

It's true, we do bathe them once a month, twice if they get into a mess. It helps to prevent hair balls which can cause problems with digestion. Plus it helps us to have less fur around the apartment. Most cats do not like it and you can get hurt that way, but since we started it when they were young they are use to it. But still really do not like it!