Saturday, January 28

Caline et le Haricot Magique

*Note: When I was cooking Caline became very interested in a can of beans I had opened. So before I dropped it in the recycle I gave it to her (if I hadn’t she would have just dug through the recycle to find it) this was what she did with it:

Caline, “Oh that smells so good!”

 Caline, “If only I could get my head down far
enough, there’s still some at the bottom!”

 Caline, “Oh, it turned up right!”

 Caline, “Well maybe I can just
move it back here…”

 Caline, “…and now I can…”

 Caline, “Oh it doesn’t work! I can
only lick the top edge”

 Caline, “Well, there is this!”

Caline, “Humm, there’s the good tast!”

*Note: I washed out the can before giving it to her but I forgot to wash off the lid.

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