Saturday, July 16

Mother Hen and Her Chick

*Note: While on vacation Frère and Caline had the chance to discovered the nature. Caline discovered it in a very normal manner but Frère…

The Frenchman to his wife, “What is under your skirt?”
The Frenchman’s wife, “Frère, come out
and see the world.”

Frère, “Are you sure it’s safe?”

Frère, “What if something bad happens?”

Frère, “Like a big bird comes to eat me!”

Frenchman’s wife, “I’ll take care of you and nothing
will hurt you, I promise!”

Frère, “Ok but, I’m still scared! Will you please take
me back inside where it’s safe!”

The Frenchman’s wife, “Ok, come with me.”

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