Monday, July 18

Home Sweet Home!

Caline, “I had to come out of the cage when
we first got on the train because it was too
uncomfortable without the pillow.”

Frère, “It’s your fault we don’t have the
pillow! You peed on it!!!”
The Frenchman’s wife, “And because of that,
you both will have to have a bath soon.”

*Note: A few hours later and finally home.

Frère, “Let us out!”

The Frenchman’s wife, “There you go.”

Frère, “Yipi! We’re home!!!!”

Caline, “I love home!!!!”

Frère, “I missed you so much home!!!!”

*Note: After Caline and Frère rolled some more on the balcony and went around to check and make sure that everything was just as they left it they came to join us as we unpacked.

Frère, “If we help you unpack will you change your
mind about giving us a bath?”
The Frenchman, “No, sorry.”

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