Sunday, May 15


Caline, “It's so cold out here!”
Frère, “Shhh... I'm trying to sleep!”

*Note: It was this photo of Caline, Frère and their other brother on the day of their birth (March 7,2011) that we first saw our kittens. When we saw it we knew we wanted Caline (she is hiding under her brothers at the bottom).  Her orange stood out to us and we knew that she was the kitten for us!  But we didn’t know that we would also be getting Frère (he’s on top)!  At first he was promised to another family but when it came time for him to leave his mother and go to his new family they no longer wanted him.  When we saw him the day we went to get Caline we thought "there's no way we can leave him behind" and so he came to live with us!

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