Sunday, May 15

Growing up!

*Note: After having given our contact information to the lady who we would be getting our kittens from she was nice enough to send us pictures every so often so we could see how Caline and Frère were growing. With each picture we saw, we grew more and more impatient to at last meet and love on them!

Caline, “…Zzzz…”
Frère, “…Zzzz…”
Other Brother, “…Zzzz…”

*Note: In this picture Caline, Frère and their other brother are just 5 days old. Caline is on the far right and Frère is at the top of the picture.

Frère, “Humm… this is the best!”
Caline, “Yummy!!!”

*Note: Here Caline and Frère are 9 days old. Caline is on the far left and Frère is just next to her. You can see that their mother has a white tipped paw and so does Caline!

Frère, “Oh so full!”

*Note: This is Frère at 13 days old. He fell asleep while eating and when his mother got up his mouth stayed as it was when he was eating.

Caline, “What’s over there?”
Frère, “I don’t know, it looks strange.”
Other Brother, “What are you two looking at?”

*Note: In this picture Caline and Frère are 17 days old. Their ears are standing up and their eyes opening to explore the new world! Frère is in the bottom left corner and Caline is at the top right corner.

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