Friday, March 23

Who’s Top Cat

 The Frenchman, “Caline, you’re in a
very bright and sunny place!”

*Note: Just after having taken this picture someone else noticed the same thing and that someone wanted Caline’s spot!

Frère, “Move!”

Caline, “No you go away!”

Frère, “I said move!”

Caline, “No go away!”

Frère, “If you don’t move!”

Caline, “Gurr!!!”
Frère, “Gurr!!!”

Caline, “Ok, I’m going!”

Note: Caline and Frère have play fights every now and then but sometimes they fight because Frère considers himself to be dominant over Caline.  And as he is bigger than she is it is easy for him to have his way. But after this we moved the tower to a spot in the room where it could be in the sun and gave it to Caline. She was happy to be on the tower and in the sun!
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