Saturday, April 14

The Top of the Door leads to...

 Caline, “Thank you tall man for putting me up here!”
The Frenchman, “You’re welcome.”

Caline, “Now I can go to one of the best places!”
The Frenchman, “Where’s that?”

Caline, “You’ll see.”

Caline, “Ok, target in sight!”

Caline, “Leap!!!”

Caline, “That was a sucessful landing!”

Caline, “Now for the view!”

Calpine, “Those pigeons have no idea
I’m hidding up here watching them!”
The Frenchman, “It’s true that they have no
idea that you are there but they have
nothing to worry about so long
as that window is closed.”

Caline, “Well, go open it!”

*Note: In our old apartment Caline loved to climb on top of the door in the bathroom but sadly in this new apartment she can not reach the top of the doors without our help. To see more of Caline on top of the door click here.

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