Tuesday, April 10

The Indoor Tree

*Note: In our apartment at the castle the cealings are at there tallest … high and so in order to change the lights we have to get a latter. This evening was the first time we changed the lights and this is what happened:

The Frenchman, “Is that you all
the way up there Caline?”

Caline, “Yes, do you need something?”
The Frenchman, “What are you doing up there?”

Caline, “Just looking at the cealing.”

Caline, “And admiring this new tree that
you planted for me to climb on!”
The Frenchman, “That not a tree to climb on!”

*Note: After a while Caline decided to climb down.

Caline, “Well that was fun!”

Caline, “Though I would like to go
back up again, just one last time!”
The Frenchman, “You better come down
or I’ll have to come get you. I need
to put the latter away!”

Caline, “Oh ok, I guess I’ll come down.”

*Note: Caline loves to go as high as she can and often climbs on the top of the doors for a better view to see click here. Frère on the other hand does not like to be up high it scares him, we think this is because he is not very well balanced.  To see the highest Frère will go click here.

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