Tuesday, April 3

An Even Dozen

Frère, “Can you believe
they bathed us again!”
The Frenchman’s wife, “Well would
a treat help you to feel better?”

Frère, “Did you say…”

Frère, “… treat!!!”

Frère, “It would make everything
better if you gave me a treat!”

The Frenchman’s wife, “Ok Frère,
well here you go.”

Frère, “Humm!!!”

The Frenchman’s wife, “Caline,
would you like a treat? ”
Caline, “Yes please!”

The Frenchman’s wife, “Here
you go.”
Caline, “Humm!!!”

*Note: The thing that Frère hates the most is to have a bath! So to make him feel a bit better about it we always try to give him a treat. Caline on the other hand doesn’t seam to mind taking a bath, though it is still not her favorite thing to do.
This is the 12th bath that Caline and Frère have had, to see the others click here.

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