Monday, March 12

Scaredy Cat

 Frère, “The dining room looks normal.”

Frère, “Nothing scary up there.”

Frère, “And there’s nothing down
there that can hurt me.”

Frère, “Ok, everything is
just right for a nap!”

Frère, “Just got to get my foot up here.”

Frère, “…fell off…”

Frère, “Ok, get up here and stay!”

Frère, “What was that!”

Frère, “Oh, it’s just you.”
The Frenchman’s wife, “Yes It’s only me,
you’re safe, go back to sleep!”

*Note: I have never known a cat to be more scared than Frère is. Poor guy every strange sound bothers him and anything new is a threat. But he feels safe knowing that we are there and his sister Caline is there. She often licks him when he is scared and he calms down.
When we first had them Frère would call for Caline to come to the litter box with him because he was scared to go alone. She would lay on the floor in front of the box and wait for him to finish and then they would go run off and play together. Thankfully he grow out of that.

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