Wednesday, March 7

One Year Old!!!

*Note: Today is Caline and Frère’s birthday! So when we got up we went to find them and here’s what happened:

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Guess what?!”
The Frenchman, “Today’s your first birthday!
Happy Birthday!!!”

Caline, “Humm?”
Frère, “What! We’re already one?!”
The Frenchman, “What do you want to
do for your birthday?”

Caline, “I know what I’m going to do.”
Frère, “I have a good idea!”
The Frenchman’s wife, “What is it?”

Caline, “Sleep!”
Frère, “Sleep!!!”

*Note: Caline and Frère enjoyed their birthday napping and that evening we gave them a very special dinner of fresh cooked chicken! They loved it!
Today is also special to us not only because it’s Caline and Frère’s birthday but because this was the day that we first saw their picture and called to say we wanted one of the three kittens. (To know why we only had one picked out and to know which one it was as well as to see the picture we first saw of Caline and Frère click here.)
 We had a very hard time finding a kitten to bring home with us as where we were living at the time had a high demand for kittens and not enough to go around. After 6 months of waiting, much prayer and patients we knew that in three months from now we would be getting the little friend that we had long been waiting and praying for.
At some point before bring them home we decided because our family and friends live far away we would start a blog to share a bit about our lives and new friends. At first Caline and Frère were not sure about the camera. Here are some of the first pictures we took of them:

Frère, “What is this thing that you are looking through?”

Caline, “Hey let me play with that,
 I need to know what it is!”

*Note: Now Caline and Frère don’t even bother with the camera.
Our family and friends are happy to get the pictures since most of them live too far away to come and visit us and see our home and pets. To our surprise we have gotten a lot of other views from people all around the world! It excites us to know that someone else some where in the world is interested in our two kitty and their funny way of life. Thanks for following us and thanks for your comments, they are really enjoyed!!!
To see some more pictures of Caline and Frère as baby kittens click here or just go back to the first posts from May 2011 (I’ve updated them so you will see something new if you take a look).

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