Tuesday, March 20

Frère Jacques

 The Frenchman, “♪ Frère Jacques
Frère Jacques ♪”
(Translation: ♪ Brother Jack
Brother Jack ♪)

The Frenchman, “♪ Dormez-vous ?
Dormez-vous ? ♪”
(Translation: ♪ Are you sleeping?
Are you sleeping? ♪)

The Frenchman, “♪ Sonnez-les matines
Sonnez-les matines ♪”
(Translation: ♪ The morning bells are ringing
The morning bells are ringing ♪)

The Frenchman, “♪ Dig, ding, dong!
Dig, ding, dong! ♪”
(Translation: ♪ Ding, dang, dong
Ding, dang, dong ♪)

*Note: Because we were not expecting to get Frère we did not have a name picked out for him right away like we did for Caline. We debated on many names and I suggested Jacques because of this song (all Frère did at first was eat and sleep the day away). But my husband didn’t like the name Jacques so we went with Frère!
To know why we were not expecting Frère click here.

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