Thursday, February 9

Frère, the Food Glutton

 Frère, “Humm!”

Frère, “Yumm!”

Frère, “Humm!!!”

 Frère, “And now we lick it clean!”

Frère, “That's one clean bowl!”

Frère, “I didn’t drop any over
here did I? No, good!”

Frère, “Well, all of mine is gone but…”

Frère, “… I know where to find more!”
The Frenchman, “Frère!”

Frère, “I’m going!”

A few moments later…

 Frère, “Yep there’s still
some up there!”
The Frenchman, “Frère!!!”

Frère, “What?!”

*Note: Frère is often trying to get more than his fair share of food to see click here.

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