Saturday, February 11

Ficelle dans le Seau

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Frère, what are
you playing with?”

Frère, “This!”

Caline, “What is it?”

Caline, “I want to see!”

Caline, “Oh, it’s just a piece of string.”

Frère, “It’s not just a piece of string!”

Frère, “See, it matches the bucket!”
Caline, “Still not very interesting.”

*Note: Caline and Frère have enjoyed playing in our green buckets since they were really little to see click here.


thoi trang nu said...

i like cat. It's very smart

Caline and Frère said...

"Merci! I know I am very smart!"

"I am too!"

The Frenchman
"Happy to know you like our cats!"