Sunday, February 26

Cubby Invaders

*Note: I tried to get Frère to play a game with The Buffalo and me but he was not interested so I threw them into the cubby he had been sitting in, this was what he thought of it…

Frère, “Hey, you two, get out!”

Frère, “Didn’t you hear me?”
The Buffalo, “…”

Frère, “You’re going to be punished now!”

Frère, “You’re in big trouble!”

Frère, “Now, get out of my cubby!!!”

Frère, “You too!”

Frère, “There, now stay there!”

Frère, “Much better with them out of the way!”

The Frenchman’s wife, “Frère you don’t want
to play with the buffalo?”
Frère, “Why would I want to play with them?!”

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