Monday, February 13

Caline Attacks Tiger… Again!

 Caline, “I see you!”
Tiger, “Oh great here we go again!”

 Caline, “Gurrr!”
Tiger, “Ahhh!!!”

 Caline, “Kick, kick, kick!”
Tiger, “Ahhhhhh!!!”

 Caline, “You’re mine!”

A while later…

 Caline, “I’ve got you!”

 Caline, “You’re all mine!”

 Caline, “Gurrr!!!”
Tiger, “Ahhh!!!”

 Caline, “You can’t get away from me! Kick, kick!!!”
Tiger, “Help!!!”

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Caline, why did you all of
a sudden kick Tiger over there!”

Caline, “I finished my game.”
Tiger, “She finished me!!!”

*Note: Caline loves to play with Tiger. But she often plays very roughly and I have had to sew him back together many times, to see click here.

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