Monday, February 20

A Box of Many Holes

*Note: I had made another box with hole in it just like this one but when we moved it was thrown away, so I made this new one.  To see the old box click here.

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Caline, what do you
think of the new box that I made you?”
Caline, “I like it!”

*Note: Shortly after taking this picture Frère ran over and jumped on top not knowing that Caline was under.

The Frenchman’s wife, “Well what do you
think of the box Frère?”
Frère, “It seams to be a nice
place to sit up high.”

Frère, “Wow, what are you
doing under there?”

Caline, “Nothing, just hiding.”

Frère, “Well, come out!”

Caline, “Make me!”

Frère, “I think I’ll just sit here and
wait for you to come out.”

Caline, “You’re no fun!”

*Note: Soon after the last picture Caline squeezed out of the small hole (rather than using the bigger one in the back) and left.  Frère is not always as active as Caline when it comes to playing click here to see more times when he played inactively.

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