Wednesday, February 15

Another Something New

*Note: Since our apartment doesn’t have closites we were living out of one dresser and a lot of supecases. Resently we found this wordrobe and fell in love with it. Here’s what Caline and Frère thought when they saw it:

Caline, “This is new.”

Caline, “How do you get in it?”

Caline, “Maybe from back here?”

Caline, “No.”

Caline, “Maybe I can jump
from here to the top!”

Caline, “Oh, I want so bad to go up!”

*Note: Since she was begging so much to go up I picked her up and put her on top.

The Frenchman’s wife, “Well how do
you like it up there?”

Caline, “It’s very nice, I think
I’ll stay a while.”

*Note: Later Frère became intrested in our new pice of fruncher:

The Frenchman, “What do you
think of our wordrobe?”

Frère, “I like it because I now have
a place to hide under.”
The Frenchman, “Why would
you want that?”

Frère, “So I can jump out and attack
Caline when she’s not looking!”

*Note: Just after the last picture Frère jumped out at Caline.
The wordrobe is handcarved from around the 1920’s. It is made of oak and has flowers, feathers, sun bursts and sworls carved on it. The stile is simaler to our new sidebord to see it click here.

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