Thursday, January 19

What Happened over Christmas? Part 4

*Note: Because we left France to see my family we asked my husbands aunt to watch Caline and Frère for us. Here is what happened while they were with her.

3 days till Christmas

 Caline, “Caline, this doesn’t look like home at all!”

 Frère, “It doesn’t smell like it at all either!”

Caline, “Where are we?”
The Frenchman’s aunt, “Vous êtes chez moi.
Vous allez passer quelques vacances ici.”
(Translation: You’re in my home.
 You’re going to spend some vacations here.)

 Caline, “Ok, well if we’re going to stay here I’ll have to
check and make sure there is nothing scary here!
So far this drawer seems uncertain!”

 Caline, “Humm…”

 Caline, “Well there’s nothing under here.”

Frère, “Good, I’ll hide here, you go check the rest!”

*Note: Frère’s has always been the one the hide even though he is bigger, to see click here.


Tiffany said...

I'm so glad to see what Caline and Frere have been up to! I have missed them!

Caline and Frère said...

Glad to hear we were missed!