Monday, January 16

What Happened over Christmas? Part 1

*Note: Because we used the holidays to go and see my family we were unable to put up posts. But here's what Caline and Frère did over the Christmas break! 

15 days till Christmas

 Caline, “Humm, this is new!”

 Caline, “Oh, a star! This is the best part!”

 Caline, “Oh and this palm tree is the best too!”

A few minutes latter…

  Frère, “What’s this?”
The Frenchman’s wife, “That’s a nativity scene,
it tells the story of Christmas!”

 Frère, “Oh la la, a star!”

Caline, “Try the tree, it’s the 2nd best part!”
Frère, “Oh, it is!”

*Note: This was just after we set up the nativity scene.  Caline is always the first to discover anything new, Frère is very cautious and waits for her to inspect first.
Caline and Frère love the star and palm tree so much because it is pointy and they enjoyed using it to rub their cheeks against just like this:

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