Monday, December 5

Sea Shells

*Note: My husband and I went to the sea for a day since it is near to where we now live. We brought back shells for Caline and Frère to see, this is what they thought:

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Look at this!”
Caline, “Can you play with it?”
Frère, “Sniff, can you eat it?”ere

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Here’s another.”

 Caline, “What do you think of them brother?”

 Frère, “There not interesting at all, you can’t eat them!”

*Note: Frère left after this to go and look for food.

 The Frenchman’s wife, “What do you
think of this one Caline?”
Caline, “Smells good!”

  The Frenchman’s wife, “And what about these?”
Caline, “What is this?!”

 The Frenchman’s wife, “That is a sea
sponge that we found.”
Caline, “It smells funny!”

 The Frenchman’s wife, “Well do you like them?”

Caline, “I think I like this one!”

*Note: After I finished taking pictures I found Frère eating a pie I had sitting out for lunch.
We have no idea what the large white shell to the right of the picture is it almost seamed like a tooth. If you know what it is please let us know.