Friday, November 4

Les Oiseaux

 The Frenchman, “What are
you two looking at?”

 Frère, “Oh, look over there!”
Caline, “They're everywhere!”

 Frère, “Now they're down here!”
The Frenchman, “Oh, I see it’s the birds
flying around the fountain!”

 Caline, “Look up there!”

 Caline, “If I could just...”

 Caline, “Oh, fly this way!”

 Caline, “Come back!”

 Caline, “Maybe from up here
I can get you!”

Caline, “Oh, I can almost get this one!”
The Frenchman, “Be careful!”

*Note: After walking into mid-air to get at the bird through the window Caline fell.

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Caline! You can only get the oiseaux when you are outside! Silly kitty!