Wednesday, November 2

Caline and Frère’s Room?

*Note: When we moved in we put Caline, Frère and all of their things into this room so that we could leave them in here while we moved the big things.

 Caline, “Hello!”

 The Frenchman, “Well, look at the two of you!”

 The Frenchman, “You two have made
yourselves at home in here!”

 Caline, “Well, the room is nice but…”

 Caline, “This napping pillow
is just too small!”

Caline, “See!?”
The Frenchman, “Humm, maybe we can
do something about that.”

*Note: If you look out the window you can see the pigeonary that Caline and Frère love to watch.  They surely fell to sleep here because they got tired of watching the birds.

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Caline and Frere, your new home looks absolutely lovely! I'm so glad you two and the Frenchman and his wife made it safely and are sharing with us!