Monday, October 31

An Outdoor Tour of our New Home

*Note: Caline enjoys going out side and since we moved in she has been begging to go out. So we asked her to do a tour of the outside of our new home!

 Caline, “This is our new home!  It is an
old Castle or as we say in French,

 Caline, “Ok onto the next location!”

 Caline, “This is the main gate
of the castle. Hurry it up!!!”
The Frenchman’s wife, “I am,
but you're pulling.”

 Caline, “This is the big bird bath
in the middle of the castle.”

 Caline, “We have a view of it which is great
for bird watching!

Caline, “Oh and did I mention that there are fish in it!”
The Frenchman’s wife, “We’re not here to go fishing!
Come on!”

*Note: After pulling Caline away from the fountain…

 Caline, “Ok, this is the orignal
stone wall of the castle.”

 Caline, “Oh la la, a bird!”

 Caline, “Hurry up I have to take you to
the best place in the entire castle!”
The Frenchman, “Just one momment we want
to get Frère out to see it too.”

*Note: A few moments later…

 Frère, “Why did you take me out of the safty of inside!”
The Frenchman’s wife, “Because we thought that you
might like to see the pigeonary since you always
watch the birds with such excitement!”
Caline, “Hey, I was suppose to say what it was!”

 Caline, “The pigeonary is the biggest bird house in the entire
world and we have the best view of it!
I love where we live!!!”

Frère, “Please take me in!”
Caline, “You’re such a wimp!”

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