Tuesday, August 16

Petite Mademoiselle Nosey

Caline, “There’s that orange cat again.”

Caline, “And there’s that cat that makes all
that noise! Wish she would be quiet!”

Caline, “Oh look it’s our neighbor, still can’t quit
talking about that mouse they played
with last week.”

Caline, “Oh and look at that!”

The Frenchman’s wife, “Caline, what are
you doing!”

Caline, “Nothing just looking at the view.”

The Frenchman’s wife, “You look like your
spying on the neighbors and that’s
a bad thing to do!”
Caline, “Sorry!”

*Note: To see another post of Caline spying on the neighbors click here.


katie said...

Love this! :)

The Frenchman's wife said...

Happy you like it! Caline does this every day.

sadieandsydney said...

I love your blog! It's so cute and so clever! I'm now following your blog for the silly kitties :) -Sydney

The Frenchman said...

Merci for Following! We're really happy you like the blog and our two silly kittens!