Thursday, August 11

On the Other Side of the Door

The Frenchman, “What is this little thing under
the door?”

The Frenchman, “I see two little paws.”

The Frenchman, “Oh and there’s an eye.
Is that you Caline?”

Caline, “Yes, it’s me! Can you please open the door
for me, I can’t seam to open it myself or
fit under this space?”
The Frenchman, “Sure!”

*Note: When Caline and Frère play roughly we put them on the other half of the apartment. It’s for there safety (they once broke a glass while playing
roughly in the living room). But after they calm down they want to come back on the other half where we are (they do not like to be where we are not). And so to let us know that they want to come back they stick there paws under the door.

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